[tex4ht] htlatex dvipng including cmr-10-10.png on working dir

Michal Hoftich michal.h21 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 2 12:13:42 CEST 2018

Hello Carlos,

> I ran the above with different conf files but the result was always the same
> with utf8 and \maketitle
> Of course, on the above example the most noticeable difference with other
> documents that exhibit the same problem, is the image itself , which in this
> case is cmr-10-10.png

Ah I see that the image is inserted in the title. The issue is that
htlatex by default produces Latin-1 encoded documents by default, you
need to require the utf-8 output, using either:

      htlatex filename.tex "xhtml,charset=utf-8" " -cmozhtf -utf8"

(note that space before -cmozhtf is important), or

     make4ht -u filename.tex

Personally, I think you should use make4ht. The other issue is that
title gets some special handling, in order to prevent any unwanted
tags which might be produced from formatting commands used in \title,
so accents seems to be stripped off. You can try LuaTeX, as it has
different accent handling, but you may run into other issues. Try

     make4ht -ul filename.tex

htlatex doesn't support LuaTeX at all.

> The only workaround was to have say  \title{Es as\'i}

This doesn't produce the image for `í`, but strips the accent anyway.
It seems that LuaTeX is the only way how to get your accents into

Best regards,

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