Errata for TeX's 25 Anniversary: A Commemorative Collection

Here is a list of corrections to the first printing of this commemorative book. An asterisk (*) marks significant errors that are not merely typographical. These changes have been made to the on-line version available to TUG members.

page 2
correct the title of Knuth's third contribution to TUGboat 8:1 from “Problem for a Saturday afternoon” to “Problem for a Saturday morning”.
*page 2
add an entry for TUGboat 8:2 for “Problem for a Saturday Morning—A Solution”
*page 2
add an entry for TUGboat 8:2 for “Reply: Printing Out Selected Pages”
page 6, line 24
change “arc” to “are”
page 31, line 2
reverse the intended-to-be-alphabetical order of “Michael Plass, Oren Patashnik”
*page 31, line 19
change “Carter, though he was not at Stanford” to “Carter, though he was at Stanford only for a short time”; after that sentence add “Knuth has also noted Gerard Unger, who spent February 1985 at Stanford.”
page 31, lines 22-23
change “He was at Stanford for thirteen years” to “He was on Stanford's faculty for thirteen years”
*page 31
delete the last sentence on the page
page 85
replace “no other papers” with “several other papers” wrt Ignacio Zabala (Zabala's papers in TUGboat).
page 91
lines 9-10: delete “Even before heading off,”.
line 20: “maintainers” should be “maintained”.
lines -11, -10, -4: logos should be used, i.e., \BibTeX and \TeX.

Most of these corrections were found by Don Knuth, whom we thank (now for yet one more reason). Additional corrections and comments are welcome; please email publishing at tug dot org.

$Date: 2020/07/17 18:23:08 $
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