Lucida® DK OpenType fonts

In 2015, B&H created new variants of the Lucida® Grande Mono and Lucida Console monospaced fonts, dubbed “DK” for Don Knuth, who inspired the new designs. TUG is happy to make them available, in OpenType format, to the TeX and typography communities.

Ordering and availability

To order, please use this online order form for the Lucida fonts, and thanks for supporting TUG.

Information and samples

The DK fonts have “squarish” forms of the capital letter O, making it less confusable with the numeral 0. For consistency, the capital Q and related glyphs with accents were also redesigned. Here's a comparison of Lucida Sans Typewriter (which remains unchanged in this regard), Lucida Grande Mono DK, and Lucida Console DK:

    OpenType Lucida Sans Typewriter sample
    OpenType Lucida Grande Mono DK sample
    OpenType Lucida Console DK sample

As can be seen, the most notable difference between Lucida Grande Mono and Lucida Console is the latter's smaller overall height.

The DK fonts inherit additional features, not present in Lucida Sans Typewriter, from their parent typefaces:

The full Lucida OpenType TUG font set includes several other font variants (Bright, Sans, and more).

The B&H Lucida web site offers many additional variants of Lucida not available through TUG.

Further reading

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