TUG 2011 - Program & participants

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Wednesday, October 19

9:30amBarbara Beeton Opening
9:35amRoss Moore Further advances toward Tagged PDF for mathematics
10:10amRishi Creating magical PDF documents with pdfTeX
11:20amCV Radhakrishnan TeX4ht—A Swiss army knife for TeX
11:55amKarel Skoupý Data structures in eTeX
1:40pmKaveh Bazargan Why TeX is more relevant now than ever
2:15pmAlan Wetmore e-Readers and LaTeX
3:15pmBoris Veytsman, Michael Ware Ebooks and paper size: Output routine hacking made easy
3:50pmRishi Automated generation of ePub from LaTeX

Thursday, October 20

9:35pmJean-Michel Hufflen A comparative study of methods for bibliographies
10:10amBrian Housley Making a package for flexible letter & page headings
11:20amDidier Verna Toward LaTeX coding standards
11:55amFrank Mittelbach LaTeX3 architecture and current work in progress
1:40pmDave Crossland Freeing fonts for fun and profit
2:15pmBoris Veytsman, Leyla Akhmadeeva Towards evidence-based typography: Experiment design (pdf)
3:15pmKarel Skoupý Typesetting fancy multilingual phrase books with LuaTeX
3:50pmDominik Wujastyk Typesetting Sanskrit in various alphabets: XeLaTeX, TEC files, hyphenation, and even XML

Friday, October 21

9:35amPavneet Arora Typesetting with masonry
10:10amJean-luc Doumont Integrating TeX and PDF seamlessly in pdfTeX
11:20amSukumar Sankar, S Mahalakshmi, L Ganesh An XML model of CSS3 as an XLaTeX-TeXML-HTML5 stylesheet
11:55amS.K. Venkatesan On the use of TeX as a general markup language for HTML5
1:40pmStefan Kottwitz Bringing together TeX users online: From Usenet to Web 2.0 and beyond
2:15amManjusha Joshi A dream of computing and LaTeXing together: A reality with SageTeX
3:15pmDominik Wujastyk My father's book: Typesetting and publishing a family memoir
3:50pmPetr Sojka Why TeX math search is more relevant now than ever

Participants (tentative)

  1. Leyla Akhmadeeva, Bashkir State Medical University, Russia
  2. Pavneet Arora, Ontario, Canada
  3. Kaveh Bazargan, River Valley Technologies, UK
  4. Barbara Beeton, AMS, USA
  5. Dave Crossland, Wimborne, UK
  6. Jean-luc Doumont, Principiae, Belgium
  7. L Ganesh, TNQ Books and Journals, India
  8. Steve Grathwohl, Duke University Press
  9. Brian Housley, GCCS GmbH, Switzerland
  10. Jean-Michel Hufflen, University of Franche-Comté, France
  11. Anu Jexline, Mathematical Sciences Publishers, India
  12. Manjusha Joshi, Pune, India
  13. Jestin Joy, Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology, Kerala, India
  14. Stefan Kottwitz, Germany
  15. Reinhard Kotucha, Germany
  16. Chandrashekhar Kumar, Bangalore, India
  17. Suresh Kumar, SPi Global, India
  18. Vinoth Kumar S, Scientific Publishing Services, India
  19. Alagu Lakshmanan, Scientific Publishing Services, India
  20. Saravanan M, SPi Global, India
  21. S Mahalakshmi, TNQ Books and Journals, India
  22. Bob Margolis, Hampshire, UK
  23. Frank Mittelbach, LaTeX3 Project
  24. Rajiv Monsurate, Tamilnadu, India
  25. Ross Moore, Macquarie University, Australia
  26. Kannan Moudgalya, Indian Institute of Science, India
  27. K Murali, Transforma Pvt Ltd, India
  28. Ilangovan N, Scientific Publishing Services, India
  29. Josy Pullockara, Indian Institute of Science, India
  30. CV Radhakrishnan, River Valley Technologies, India
  31. Thomas Ratajczak, German Federal Armed Forces
  32. Rishi, River Valley Technologies, India
  33. Chris Rowley, LaTeX3 Project
  34. Sukumar Sankar, TNQ Books and Journals, India
  35. M Sankaran, Transforma Private Ltd, India
  36. Neeraj Saxena, Aptara, India
  37. Johny Sebastian, Aptara, India
  38. Karel Skoupý, Lingea & River Valley Technologies, Czech Republic
  39. Alistair Smith, Sunrise Setting Ltd, UK
  40. Petr Sojka, Masaryk University, Czech Republic
  41. Paulo Ney de Souza, BooksInBytes, USA
  42. Henrikas Stankus, VTeX, Lithuania
  43. Vytautas Statulevicius, VTeX, Lithuania
  44. Sehar Tahir, Aptara, India
  45. B Thiagarajan, TNQ Books and Journals, India
  46. Sigitas Tolušis, VTeX, Lithuania
  47. Suki Venkat, TNQ Books and Journals, India
  48. Didier Verna, EPITA R&D Laboratory, France
  49. Boris Veytsman, George Mason University, USA
  50. Alan Wetmore, US Army Research Laboratory
  51. Dominik Wujastyk, Austria

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