Supplementary PDF - Ross Moore talk - TUG'23

The accompanying PDF/UA file generates the website seen in the talk by Ross Moore at TUG'23.

This pdf contains;

  1. links to the main PDF/UA used in the video, and to the HTML site generated from it;
  2. a step-by-step summary of how the HTML site is produced;
  3. images showing the degree of conformance to ARIA/WCAG recommendations both overall, and for each of 12 specific categories.

This PDF itself is fully Tagged and PDF/UA-compliant. Furthermore, it has sufficient tagging to produce an HTML5-compliant website which itself satisfies most ARIA/WCAG recommendations, as well.

Thus this PDF could well be of interest to anyone who is serious about generating PDFs which contain extra information that helps meet established practices for supporting Accessibility in (web-based) electronic documents.

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