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Re: MathTime version of new encodings

Concernant « Re: MathTime version of new encodings », Ulrik Vieth écrit :
« Well, ZapfChancery might be a bad choice, but that's what mathptm
« uses

mathptm is full of bad choices... I thought that as you're with
commercial fonts anyway, you could do something better. The commercial
script from bitstream is almost free, you can also get a free
CommScript with the TypeDesigner 3 demo.

« > « 	- inverted Omega, reflected epsilon, reflected ampersand,
« > «  	  reflected prime, digamma (all unfakable)
« > you mean without PS programming? the inverted/reflected stuff is
« > easily done in PS!
« Are you suggesting to put PostScript hackery into the virtual fonts?
« Do you have a suitable code example how to do it?

done now no, but it could easily be done, it could even easily be done
like the AddDotlessj thing by B. Desruisseaux by simply hacking
directly & automatically the PFA file at load time.
In level 2 i think it'd be as simple as
	gsave 1 -1 scale Omega glyphshow grestore
or you can have it with graphicx macros

« > « 	 - upright partial  (fill the slot with italic partial?)
« > could unslant it in PS
« Sure, but that makes things more complicated.  If the new encodings
« are really widely accepted in the long term, I'd rahter expect to see
« a revised version of MathTime eventually, which might then provide a
« suitable glyph.  I suppose many of the missing glyphs in MC and MSP
« should be relately easy to make if you have the approriate tools.

you're probably right on this one.

« > « 	- leq/geqslant, precedes/followsorcurly (I've seen journals
« > « 	  using the AMS leq/geqslant combined with MathTime)
« > at least in France, we do use these, yes, i'd take them from MathPi.
« If you have MathPi that's fine.  If not, you'll have to find other
« solutions.  I suppose that leq/geqslant and lesssim/gtrsim might
« turn out to be the most important AMS glyps to be included in MSP,
« since they are the most frequently needed ones.

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