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Re: MathTime version of new encodings

> P.S. Matthias, what's the status of the Lucida math layout?

Sorry for being quiet lately. The Lucida layout is indeed more
or less done since before Christmas (see below).

I'll try to integrate Ulrik's patches for MathTime and prepare a new snapshot
over the weekend. 

Happy New Year,  Matthias

Details about Lucida:

What can be implemented?

*  without expert fonts:

   MC:  Latin and italics Greek from lbmi, upright Greek capitals
	from lbme, digits from lbr, remaining symbols and delimiters from
	lbmi, lbms and lbma. 
	A second implementation of MC differs from the first one only
	in using the Latin alphabet from lbmo.

   MSP: Symbols from lbma, lbms, lbmi and lbr, Script from lbms.

   MXP: Almost everything from lbme, the scriptsize and scriptscriptsize 
	radicals are obtained by scaling the textsize variant from lbms, so 
	their size ratio is fixed. 

   MS1: Symbols from lbma, lbms and lbmi, blackboard bold alphabet from

   MS2: Rather incomplete, contains only the blackletter alphabet 
	from lbl.


   tentative font names: xla, xlao, xlb, xlc, xld, xle

* with expert fonts:

   MC:  as above. One more implementation for the normal math version
	with the `upright italics' from lbmr. Bold versions of the
	three variants do contain the normal weight upcase Greek capitals.

   MSP: as above, with a bold version.

   MXP: exactly as above, no bold available (this is sad, since it contains
	the upright Greek capitals, so we do not get them in bold).

   MS1: as above, with a bold version.

   MS2: as above, with a bold version.

   tentative font names for the additional fonts: xlar (normal),
   xlab, xlaob, xlarb, xlcb, xldb, xleb (bold)

What's missing or faked?

  MC:  missing: lowercase upright Greek, the reflected ampersand,	
        lambdabar, iotainv, epsiloninv, upright partialdiff,
	group and moustache delimiters. 
	In the bold version, the upright Greek capitals are also 
	missing, since they come from lbme which has no bold variant. 

       faked: triple vertical bar

  MSP: missing: Qinv, Diamondmath, mapsfromchar, Mapsfromchar, Mapstochar,
	most non-T1 accents, the digits, the lowercase alphabet.	

       faked: Some negated symbols: notprecedesorcurly, notfollowsorcurly,
	notprecedesorsimilar, notfollowsorsimilar, notturnstile, 

  MXP: faked: double and triple integral, triple extensible bar,
	middle and extension pieces for horizontal braces.

  MS1: missing: digits and lowercase (except k), smallsquare,
	squaresmallsolid, smalltriangle.

  MS2: missing: the new accents and basic size delimiters, 
	the arrow kit.

MC, MXP, MSP, MS1 are almost complete with only few exceptions,
MS2 and MX1 are almost nonexistent.

Matthias Clasen, 
Tel. 0761/203-5606
Email: clasen@mathematik.uni-freiburg.de
Institut fuer Mathematik, Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet Freiburg