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Re: radical thoughts

>> P.S.  If possible I'd like to reshuffle MXP and MX1 once again to get
>> a nicer appearance of the font tables before submitting the final
>> papers for the EuroTeX proceedings, i.e. before the end of next week.
>> I'd also like to fix a few remaining problems such as the upright
>> Greek in the MC layout until then.

> This would be ok for me. I am also planning to release a new version 
> this week, since I have done a major cleanup of the directory and
> file structure (all `derived' fonts in on directory, subdirectories 
> below etx and mtx, only one fontinst driver file per layout, cleaner
> splitting of the mtx files into hacks, kerning and missing). The new
> version will also change a few slot names (radicals are now named 
> ...scriptscript, ...script, ...text, ...1, ...3, ...5, etc. so that
> the numbering of large delimiters is now consistent (ie 1 is big, 
> 3 is Big, 5 is bigg, 7 is Bigg).

> Thinking about radicals kept me from testing everything and packing it
> together, but I'm confident that it will be complete until next weekend.

Fine, I'll try to send my patches until then.

Some issues which you might already want to cosider until the next

- What to do about missing variant lowercase Greek glyphs?  Substitute 
  \kappa for missing \varkappa, epsilon for missing \varepsilon, etc.?

  This problem arises in the Euler layout (missing \varkappa, \varrho,
  \varsigma) and in `mathptm' (missing \varkappa, \varepsilon, \varrho).  
  MathTime, Mathematica, and Lucida are complete IIRC.

- What to do abuot missing sets of upright or italic Greek?  

  In the Euler version, I'd tend to put another copy of the upright 
  Greek alphabet into the slots reserved for the default (italic) set,
  since the default shape is upright anyway.

  In the Mathematica version, I'd use a slanted version of Math1
  to fake the italic Greek capitals, while leaving the upright
  lowercase set empty.

- Verify that the arrangement of epsilon/epsilon1 and Upsilon/Upsilon1
  is consistent in all layouts.

Cheers, Ulrik.