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Re: radical thoughts

At 02:22 PM 1/20/98 +0100, Ulrik Vieth wrote:

>- What to do abuot missing sets of upright or italic Greek?  

Does anyone have some information on whether upright lower case
Greek (regular weight)  is ever used in math?  

I know it used by physicists for elementary particles, but I haven't 
seen it in math. Also, the bold upright lower case Greek is used for 
vectors (I suppose in anology with math italic becoming upright bold 
when we turn a symbol into one denoting a vector).  But regular weight 
upright lower case Greek?

Mike Spivak felt strongly that this was an abomination, and so MathTime
has only bold upright lower case Greek (and heavy). Although there is
separate font with upright lower case regular weight Greek meant for
the physicists (which curiously is not meant to be used in math or
for Greek text).

Chuck Bigelow followed more the model of four styles regular, bold,
italic, bold italic and let the user decide what is appropriate (given
enough rope...)

Any comments?