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Lucida layout

While trying to tie up the loose ends, I've had another close look 
at the Lucida version, as distributed in"le_056.tgz" last week.

I've noticed that the Lucida Expert version comes with three variants
of the MC encoding:

  xla(b)	- default italic alphabet from lbmi
  xlao(b)	- alternative italic alphabet from lbmo
  xlar(b)	- math roman alphabet from lbmr (expert set) 

Last week Matthias complained that it was missing the upright
lc. Greek and that the upright Greek capitals had to be taken from 
the extension font (lbme), which isn't available in a bold version.

Now, I wonder if it wouldn't be better to combine the italic Greek 
set from lbmi with the upright Greek set from lbmr if you need both.
Since lbmr is available in a bold version (lbmd), there shouldn't be
a problem to get the glyphs you need in the bold version, I suppose.
The math roman variant of MC might then follow a similar approach,
i.e. using lbmr instead of lmbi for the default Latin alphabet and
exchanging the two sets of Greek.

Of course, this approach will only work in the "lucidexp" layout,
while the restricted "lucida" version will have to do without 
lmbr and lmbd, as already implemented by Matthias.

Another related issue:  What to do about the missing lowercase
Script alphabet in MSP?  One option would be to substitute them
from Lucida Calligraphy (lbc).  On first sight, the upppercase
Script alphabets from lbms and lbc seem to be the same except 
for "I" and "J", so the corresponding lowercase alphabet from
lbc should be a reasonable choice to go with lbms.  However,
I'm not sure about the suitability of the corresponding digits.

Other details:


- if the whole lowercase upright Greek set is missing, it doesn't
  make sense to substitute the upright omikron by an upright "o".
  Better make this a missing glyph as well to avoid confusion.

- the missing digamma isn't marked as a \missingglpyh


- what about the missing \mapsfrom, \Mapsfrom and \Mapsto?  
  would it be possible to use the glyphs in lbmr/lmbi/lbmo 
  '324 to '327?  According to the AFM file they seem to have 
  a different meaning, but on first sight, it appears that 
  they might do for our purposes as well.

Cheers, Ulrik.