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Re: Lucida layout

> Concernant =AB Re: Lucida layout =BB, Y&Y, Inc. =E9crit :
> =AB In the TeX world e are used to (i) misusing Calligraphic where
> =AB Script should be used and (ii) confusing Script and Calligraphic
> =AB because CM has no Script face..

> very true. However, rsfs  corrected this `feature' of the CM font set.

Sure, but didn't really want to go into the Script vs. Calligraphic
discussion again.  Perhaps I just wasn't clear enough in what I wrote.

The situation is this: The new encodings assign slots for one complete
uc/lc Script _or_ Calligraphic alphabet in MSP, and these slots are
usually filled with whatever is available in the given font set.
If there are several alternatives to choose from, multiple versions 
of MSP would be needed, but so far we have neglected them.

In Lucida, LBMS and LBC (Lucida Calligraphy) use almost the same
glyphs in the uppercase alphabet, so I suggested adding the lowercase
letters form LBC to fill the empty slots.  I didn't really care
whether it should be called Script or Calligraphic, but perhaps it was
wrong to refer to it as a Script alphabet.

Anyway, what is called Calligraphic in Lucida isn't that much
different from what is called Script in Mathematica (except for the
curly capital `E'), and even Zapf Chancery bears a certain similarity.
As you see the terminology of Script vs. Calligraphic is rather vague.

Cheers, Ulrik.

As I mentioned in the EuroTeX paper, there are numerous combinations:

default		Script/Cal	Bbold		Fraktur

MF fonts:

CCMI		CCSY		"		"

PS fonts (Times-like):

Times/Symbol	ZapfChancery	-		-
Times/MTMI	MTMS		-		-
		MathPi		MathPi		MathPi
Times/Mma	Mma		Mma		Mma

PS fonts (Lucida):