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Re: Lucida layout


>Anyway, what is called Calligraphic in Lucida isn't that much
>different from what is called Script in Mathematica (except for the
>curly capital `E'), and even Zapf Chancery bears a certain similarity.
>As you see the terminology of Script vs. Calligraphic is rather vague.

Not to belabour a side issue, but to me they are quite different.
MathScript is a script face (while highly attenuated) and
the script face in Adobe Math Pi is a Script face, and RSFS is,
and `CALLIGRA' on CTAN also.   While LBC and CMSY10 are
calligraphy.  To me the distinguishing mark of Script are the
curoly tendrils, while in Calligrapgy the emphasis is of drawing
with a narrow nib whitout turning it to remain orthogonal to the
path being traced.  I am sure real typographers have much more
to say on this topic.

Somehow it would be nice to be able to use
(i) Script ~and~ (ii) Calligraphy without having to wheel out one
to make space in TeX to wheel in the other. They both have their
applications.  But, as you say, this is not the main topic here right now...

Regards, Berthold.

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