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A new snapshot (0.58)

I have put a new snapshot at the usual place. Get it via


If you wonder, why I skipped 0.57: I haven't. I put 0.57 on the logimac
yesterday, but didn't come around to announce it, since Ulrik asked for
some immediate fixes wrt to the recent radical discussion. 

Main news:

 - Lucida now uses K.Berry names.
 - Extensible fonts for mf-based layouts are now available in sizes 5 and 6
   as well. The parameters were generated mechanically, so I would appreciate
   comments on these fonts.
 - Following the recent discussion about radicals on this list, There is now
   a textsize radical in MXP and a raised textsize radical (for non-TeX use)
   in MC. The scriptsize and scriptscriptsize radicals from MXP are gone.

 - exscale behaviour is now the default. People who cannot use oldmath.sty,
   but need to load extensibles in only one size can use the `noexscale' 
   option to activate a macro workaround which loads three sizes *locally*
   for radicals. Currently the only layouts for which `noexscale' works are
   `cm', `concrete' and `euler'. 
 - Ulriks \delimiterfactor adjustments for MathTime and math font sizes
   from mathtime.sty

Matthias Clasen, 
Tel. 0761/203-5606
Email: clasen@mathematik.uni-freiburg.de
Institut fuer Mathematik, Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet Freiburg