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Re: A new snapshot (0.58)

> I have put a new snapshot at the usual place. Get it via

> http://logimac.mathematik.uni-freiburg.de/mixed/mathfont/index.html

Fine.  I've copied it onto www.tug.org as well.

> If you wonder, why I skipped 0.57: I haven't. I put 0.57 on the logimac
> yesterday, but didn't come around to announce it, since Ulrik asked for
> some immediate fixes wrt to the recent radical discussion. 

I'll have a closer look, and I'll see what (if anything) remains to be
done to tidy up the font tables for the appendix of the EuroTeX paper.

After being reminded to submit the paper as soon as possible, I've
finally submitted the text this afternoon, but Michel Goosens assured
me that they won't need the font tables before mid-February, so we
don't have to hurry to get them ready by Friday.
>  - Lucida now uses K.Berry names.

Oh dear.  Does that mean that we will end up needing several sets 
of virtual fonts for Lucida using either Berry-names or Y&Y-names?  
Perhaps even adding support for 8r- or LY1-encoded base fonts?
Where does that lead us???
>  - Extensible fonts for mf-based layouts are now available in sizes 5 and 6
>    as well. The parameters were generated mechanically, so I would appreciate
>    comments on these fonts.

Could you explain how you derived these parameters?  My suggestion
was to start with cmr5, but your cmex5 seems to be neither cmr5 
nor cmsy5, but rather something in between.  

Cheers, Ulrik.