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Re: A new snapshot (0.58)

> >  - Lucida now uses K.Berry names.
> Oh dear.  Does that mean that we will end up needing several sets 
> of virtual fonts for Lucida using either Berry-names or Y&Y-names?  
> Perhaps even adding support for 8r- or LY1-encoded base fonts?
> Where does that lead us???

I hope not. I did the change to the Berry names since I thought that
that was the `politically more correct' solution. The situation that
virtual fonts refer to fonts by names which are not the external font
names should be resolved by a properly set up psfonts.map, I guess ?

> >  - Extensible fonts for mf-based layouts are now available in sizes 5 and 6
> >    as well. The parameters were generated mechanically, so I would appreciate
> >    comments on these fonts.
> Could you explain how you derived these parameters?  My suggestion
> was to start with cmr5, but your cmex5 seems to be neither cmr5 
> nor cmsy5, but rather something in between.  

I thought that I had explained that yesterday: I compared 
the parameters of cmsy7 and cmex7 and applied the differences
to cmsy5 a la:

p_cmex5 := p_cmsy5 + (p_cmex7 - p_cmsy7)

for all font parameters p. One might of course argue that a formula like

p_cmex5 := p_cmsy5 * (p_cmex7 / p_cmsy7)

might be more appropriate, but these parameters were meant only as a first
approximation anyway. Btw: I used similar procedures to derive 
cmbex{5,6,7,8,9,10}, euex{5,6} and eubex{5,6,7,8,9,10}. 


Matthias Clasen, 
Tel. 0761/203-5606
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