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Re: \bigplus ?

> > is there, by chance, a postscript file of the mx1 chart, that i
> > could just print out?  in fact, all the charts ...  and a list
> > with the \csnames ...
> I could upload layout-cm.ps, layout-euler.ps, etc. to www.tug.org.

That would be useful, I guess.

> As for \csnames, I recall that there was something in newmath.dtx.
> The last version of newmath.dtx should be on www.tug.org already.
> I'll try to install the current version shortly.

Yes, I tried to include complete tables of 
 glyph vs. csname (+ possible aliases), sorted wrt to math class
in newmath.dtx, so if you could produce a newmath.ps and put that
on www.tug.org too, that would be nice.

Regards, Matthias

Matthias Clasen, 
Tel. 0761/203-5606
Email: clasen@mathematik.uni-freiburg.de
Institut fuer Mathematik, Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet Freiburg