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comments on 0.58

Here's a quick list of notes I've put together last night. 
I haven't had time to work on fixing the problems, but
you may take it as a TO DO list.


- The raised radical in MC seems to be raised a little too
  much compared with the delimiters. If its height is 10pt,
  should it be 8.5pt above the baselien and 1.5pt below?
  (The placement seems to be better in the bold version.)
- MSP has at least two missing glpyhs (apart from script/cal) 
  which are `smallsigmaintegral' and `smallslashintegral'.
  Since the corresponding big integrals are not in MXP, 
  should the small variants be taken out of MSP as well?

- MS2 contains two slots for `parallel' and `interleaving'.
  Aren't these the same as `bardbl' and `bartrpl' in MC
  used as \mathbin?  If so, they should be taken out of MS2.

- slot 130 (`EXT') in MSP presumably should be marked as
  a controlglyph rather than a missingglyph (or not at all)?

Euler version:

- There's a mismatch between `bar' taken from Euler and 
  `bardbl' and `bartrpl' from yma.  The double and triple 
  bar presumably should be faked to preserve the Euler look.

- The semantic brackets should be faked by `[[' or `]]'
  taken from Euler.

- The missing `dupright' should be substituted by `d'.

- The missing slots `sharp', `natural', `flat', `star'
  should come from cmmi (or xccmi?)  If so, you'll have
  to be careful not to take the italic Greek set from
  CM or Concrete.

- The missing slots `numbersign', `percent', `at'
  presumably should be taken from ccr.

Mathematica version:

- Something apparently went wrong about the delimiters
  in MC.  Perhaps a glyph naming conflict in Math2?

Cheers, Ulrik.