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Mathematica fonts

Yesterday I received a message from Jens-Peer Kuska, the author of 
the mma3fnt kit, who kindly forwarded me his fontinst sources.

Since the whole distribution is pretty large (> 1MB uuencoded) and
since the author doesn't particularly want to show off the uglyness
of his files, I'll just put up the file at my server for a few days
for those who might want to have a look at it at their own risk.  
(I guess Matthias will be one of them.)  You can find it at:


What is interesting to note is that the installation is based on
on a revised version of the Mma AFM files with proper glyph names, 
which are renamed to standard TeX glyph names in the mtx files.

While we are at the topic of Mathematica fonts, I'd like to point
out that the latest version of Alan Hoenig's "mathinst" now also
includes support for the old 7-bit math font encodings using the
Mathematica fonts.  Ironically, one of the problems mentioned in
the documentation was that the `=' sign didn't work properly as 
an extension module for double arrows, which is, of course, one 
of the problems we are trying to fix in the new encodings.

It appears that Alan Hoenig somehow tried to cope with the 
preliminary versions of the Mma AFM files containig misleading
glyph names, so his mtx files are littered with stuff like


You can find "mathinst" on CTAN in fonts/utilities/mathinst.

Cheers, Ulrik.