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Inverted (=reflected) N

Barbara asked me to supply chapter-and-verse for this, so I thought I
would send it to this list.

I do not have acces to a library or MathSciNet at present, otherwise I
could find more refs in the group theory literature.

It is on p. 84 of the paper by D. Gorenstein in:

Finite Simple Groups, M B Powell, G Higman eds.  Academic Press 1971
ISBN 012 563850 7

The glyph used there is, like \Qinv and \Ginv in mewmath.dtx, a
spindly sans serif: it would be interesting to know the history of why
such glyphs derived from letters are traditionally rendered in this

Looking at these I noticed that these two (Q and F) are rotated (as is
the G in \Game), which is not what I would have understood from the
name `inv'.  So should we call the reflected N \Nrot :-)?  Or what?