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Re: Inverted (=reflected) N

thanks very much for the reference, chris.
but ...
    The glyph used there is, like \Qinv and \Ginv in mewmath.dtx, ...

what is this "mewmath.dtx"?
have i been sleeping through something?
(i'll take a look in newmath.dtx though.)
i don't know why the "spindly sans serif", but it's what we were
apparently asked to use for the similar letters in amsfonts.

regarding the "reflected" vs. "rotated" vs. "inverted", the symbols
known to tex as \forall and \exists used to be known here (for an
earlier system) as "inva" and "reve", for "inverted" and "reversed"
(i.e. reflected).  (hmmm ... they're also sans serif, if not quite
as spindly ...)

i think this would probably be a good occasion to impose some uniformity
on this notation.  proposal:
 - Xinv -- inverted top-to-bottom
 - Xrefl -- mirrored left-to-right
 - Xrot -- rotated 180\deg so that the top is now the bottom, etc.

are there any other existing paradigms?
						-- bb