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Re: Inverted (=reflected) N

> > 
> > i think this would probably be a good occasion to impose some uniformity
> > on this notation.  proposal:
> >  - Xinv -- inverted top-to-bottom
> >  - Xrefl -- mirrored left-to-right
> >  - Xrot -- rotated 180\deg so that the top is now the bottom, etc.
> I would be happy with those names: of course, for letters with some
> symmetry (eg N, A, E) two of these names will both be applicable to
> the same glyph.  Thus one also needs some precedence rule to get a
> canonical name.  {See, I can still apply some of that group theory:-)

Yes, would probably be an improvement. But if you want to apply group 
theory, why not use inv*refl=rot and drop rot :-)