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Re: Inverted (=reflected) N

> i think this would probably be a good occasion to impose some uniformity
> on this notation.  proposal:
>  - Xinv -- inverted top-to-bottom
>  - Xrefl -- mirrored left-to-right
>  - Xrot -- rotated 180\deg so that the top is now the bottom, etc.

chris was talking about rotated N -- i find that essentially
indistinguishable (in cmss) from from untouched N (if it's seriffed,
the top left serif of course appears in the wrong place and looks
slightly out of place).

> are there any other existing paradigms?

well, there's the `letter which exists in some non-latin alphabet in
the first place', like cyrillic i and ya... (just to add excitement to
the N debate ;-)