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Re; Definitiveness


Barbara passed on to me your query about definitiveness of the glyph lists
in the HTML-Math WD:
> P.S. On a different subject:  I happened to notice that a new draft
> of the HTML-Math working group has been released in early January,
> one chapter of which also discusses entitiy names. As usual, you
> can find it at   http://www.w3.org/TR/WD-math/

Maybe we could also be told whether it is any more definitive than
previous lists; I suspect not.

One question I could ask is what you feel definitive means, and then I
could answer your question rigorously perhaps.

However, without further ado, I can tell you that the new lists that will
be there by 14 Feb will be in a final state for passing on to a Proposed
Recommendation status, and that they will have had the benefit of Barbara's
extensive work on the STIX side of things included.   On thinking about it
I don't imagine you can see yet the next revision's draft which have been
continuing this last month.

They should be essentially in that state after this weekend anyway.  The
glyph samples should be genuine, and have been checked by Barbara and
myself at least.  Any more comments that will help find errors will of
course be welcome. [I wonder if that means I have to suggest that I might
be able to tar and gzip up a set of files for you to look at early.  I
admit I don't really want to take on any extra tasks at this point that we
are trying to finish the revision of the whole WD.  I guess I could send an
intermediate version if you agreed to destroy it after examination and not
to "let it out", so as to prevent error propagation.]  The glyph GIFs will
all be simple 32x32 b/w samples intended for 72dpi.  Some may still be from
the Unicode collection.  Probably the majority have been cleaned up from
that, or are new.  It is the intention they are consonant with the samples
provided by the STIX group members, or from ISO or AFII, though quite
possibly at a different size.  That's one of the reasons there had to be
cleanup work.

In haste,