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Hi all,

looking at the glyph set included in a truetype font (WGL4?), some
thoughts on glyph naming:

- they have an invsmile where inv means `reverse video'
- prime/ double prime are called minute / second

another thing, about radicals again. A friend of mine, typographer in
the outer (xpress) world was very surprized by tex's behaviour to use
PS rules for building the extensible part of the radical (instead of a
glyph). I think his remark had to do with resolution dependant PS
yielding an inconsistent result in a PDF viewed on screen. However, it
seems obvious that a rule construct cannot be hinted, although a small
bar could be: is there any good reason to have tex compute the rule
geometry rather than just putting enough small overlapping bars as in
some plain tex macro as \hrulefill (if memory serves) ?

Comments welcome,
Thierry Bouche, Grenoble.
     « En France, depuis 1974, constate Ignacio Ramonet, la production
     de biens a augmenté de 70% mais le nombre des chômeurs a été
     multiplié par sept. Ce n'est pas la production de richesses qui est
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