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Re: BSR CM type 1 arrows, StMaryRd, and RSFS

Dear Berthold

I trust you are maintaining the original encodings
of RSFS, BBOLD, WASY2 and StMaryRd fonts!?
The contrary would create needless confusion.

If they do deviate from the MF versions in any way, could
you please provide GIF tables of the relevant `TeX Pi'

Incidentally, to my mind RSFS is a "mainstream" font,
the standard script font for math. The author
Ralph Smith has promised to issue all sizes in MF.

Perhaps as a result of discussions on this list (or was
it the MF list?) in 1997, the RSFS (existing sizes) are
now in the BaKoMa series of Malyshev but not yet on CTAN
--- maybe because the missing sizes are imminent.

Did any of the Knuth CM changes since 1990 alter the
".tfm" files?

I must admit ignorance of the WASY fonts and their

            Larry Siebenmann