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Re: BSR CM type 1 arrows, StMaryRd, and RSFS


At 01:38 AM 98/03/10 +0100, Laurent Siebenmann wrote:

>I trust you are maintaining the original encodings
>of RSFS, BBOLD, WASY2 and StMaryRd fonts!?

Of course.  There supposed to be drop-in replacements
for the PK versions, just like the CM and AMS Type 1 fonts
are drop-in replacements for the PK versions.

>Incidentally, to my mind RSFS is a "mainstream" font,
>the standard script font for math. The author
>Ralph Smith has promised to issue all sizes in MF.

Everyone tells me that this font or that is `mainsteam',
or that *this* (some random graphics package) is now
the `de facto' standard.  After wasting enormous amounts
of time on the basis of such `information' I have grown
cautious :-)  But it is good to hear someone has heard
of it anyway...

>Did any of the Knuth CM changes since 1990 alter the
>".tfm" files?

No.  And this is a problem when it comes to the arrows
in CMSY*, because they are larger, but the metrics are
the same.

While probably most of the  9600 characters in CM were 
affected, the only significant changes are: the delta in CMMI*, 
the arrows in CMMI*, the calligraphic letters in CMSY* (didn't 
notice yet :-)? and the arrows in CMSY*, AFAIK

>I must admit ignorance of the WASY fonts and their history...  

See, now someone else told me that those are `mainstream' :-)
But seriously what other fonts are there that are `mainstream'?

Regards, Berthold.