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Re: BSR CM type 1 arrows, StMaryRd, and RSFS

Ulrik wrote --
> Sebastian Rahtz writes:
> > i don't know, actually. I dont *think* any of our typesetters use CM
> > or MathTime, except maybe those few that use TeX.
> In that case I really wonder what else there is left you are you
> using?  I mean the whole work of the Math Font Group (*) was based 
> on the assumption that the choice of math fonts sets usable with 
> TeX was limitied to a handful of families such as CM, Concrete, 
> Euler, Adobe Symbol, MathTime, Lucida New Math, and Mathematica.

Yes, Sebastian, it would certainly be very useful to know what fonts
these typesetters do use for various math sorts.

> I can't find the details right now, but there was certainly some
> discussion on math-font-discuss to the effect that some authors do
> have a strong opinion on this topic, 
> The distinction between Script and Calligraphic is very muddled,
> but it exists.

Whilst on most matters typographical my fellow mathematicians are
largely ignorant and not at all concerned, I know of none who cannot
easily distinguish calligraphic (as in the CM fonts) from script.