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Re: BSR CM type 1 arrows, StMaryRd, and RSFS

>From: Chris Rowley <C.A.Rowley@open.ac.uk>
>> Sebastian Rahtz writes:

>> > i don't know, actually. I dont *think* any of our typesetters use CM
>> > or MathTime, except maybe those few that use TeX.

>> In that case I really wonder what else there is left you are you
>> using?  I mean the whole work of the Math Font Group (*) was based 
>> on the assumption that the choice of math fonts sets usable with 
>> TeX was limitied to a handful of families such as CM, Concrete, 
>> Euler, Adobe Symbol, MathTime, Lucida New Math, and Mathematica.

>Yes, Sebastian, it would certainly be very useful to know what fonts
>these typesetters do use for various math sorts.

>From the electronic journals I have taken apart, it seems that
people not using MathTime+Times, most common are the
Adobe Math Pi and Universal Greek+Pi and Commercial Pi fonts
(with Times-Roman). And then there are the proprietary
MonoType BMATH Times-compatible fonts used by OUP and
maybe CUP.

>Whilst on most matters typographical my fellow mathematicians are
>largely ignorant and not at all concerned, I know of none who cannot
>easily distinguish calligraphic (as in the CM fonts) from script.

I agree that it is very important to keep this distinction and am unhappy
when some TeX macros are set up to either use Calligragphic or
Script rather than providing separate access to both. The one is not
really a drop-in replacement for the other.

Regards, Berthold.

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