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<resent> CTAN submission -- Type 1 versions of stmaryrd/wasy/rsfs

<For those who didn't know this already (original dated 23/3):>

Hello all,

I just uploaded 3 zipfiles to dante.de:

The zips contain converted Type 1 (PostScript) versions of the 
respective fonts (pfb,afm,pfm). 

Included are: rsfs{5,7,10} wasy{5,7,10,b10} stmary{5,7,10}

Suggested locations: in subfolders "ps-type1/hoekwater" of the 
respective metafont fonts (the zip files are set up this way).

These files are intended to be used with the original TFM files, 
_don't_ run fontinst or afmtotfm or you will be sorry! The fonts 
should give the same output results as the .mf originals. Included 
pfb files are herewith donated to the public domain.

Conversion process:
	.mf   -> metapost (c) Hobby -> .eps
	.eps  -> metafog  (c) Kinch -> .pfb
	.pfb  -> hinted & touched up with FontLab v3.0

More fonts should follow in the next few months. I can be reached for 
propositions/bugs at: taco.hoekwater@wkap.nl


Taco Hoekwater