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Re: v. 0.58 / eurotex

taco asks several questions:
    Since I think everybody I want to talk to are on this list, this seemed
    simpler then CC-ing everyone. 

    would it be OK if I print your Summary of eurotex in the forthcoming 
    issue of the maps? (as for S4: I thought these already were the 

i've got quite a few remarks on the text, and would like to see those
cleared up before publication.  (i hope to publish the report in tugboat
too.)  some of the comments need to be discussed first with patrick,
who isn't (i don't think) on the list at the moment; i've left a message
on his recorder, and tomorrow we are both in a meeting (partly by phone)
where our stix activities will be discussed at some length.

    I'd really like to get my hands on those STIX glyphs. Do you think you 
    can share the password with me soon? Please?

that's part of what i need to discuss with patrick.  if he doesn't
send you this information, i will try to do so, but must check first.


can't help with this one ...
						-- bb