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v. 0.58 / eurotex

Hello everybody,

Since I think everybody I want to talk to are on this list, this seemed
simpler then CC-ing everyone. 

would it be OK if I print your Summary of eurotex in the forthcoming 
issue of the maps? (as for S4: I thought these already were the 

I'd really like to get my hands on those STIX glyphs. Do you think you 
can share the password with me soon? Please?

Is 0.58 really the latest version of the fonts? I want to start 
investigating the de-virtualization of the mf sources and 
implementation of the plainTeX interface say somewhere next week.


Taco Hoekwater                                        texhelp@wkap.nl
Kluwer Academic Publishers                            -- Pre Press --
Achterom 119, 3311 KB Dordrecht, The Netherlands  tel.  31-78-6392550