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Re: revised report of EuroTeX math font BOF

thanks for the updated report, ulrik.

you ask ...
    P.S. The list of addresses primarily lists members of this group who
    were present at the BOF sessions, but there were other participiants,
    whose names I have left out.  Did anybody keep a list?  Barbara?

i have the signup list from the bof.  i haven't circulated it yet
because i mislaid the eurotex participants list, and i'm sure that
i haven't got all the e-mail addresses correct.  (handwritten, you
know, and some others are as unclear as mine -- except that i know
my own.)  as soon as i answer the remaining questions, i plan to
send a message to all the participants, including the list, and
suggesting that if anyone isn't yet subscribed to math-font-discuss,
they should do so.

    If you think that there is anything to be added or corrected, please
    let me know.  Otherwise, you're welcome to go aheead and publish it
    in TUGboat/Baskerville/MAPS/CahiersGUT/whatever.

i'll plan on including this in the june issue of tugboat.  if anyone
has any more comments or updates, please send them along.
						-- bb