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Re: revised report of EuroTeX math font BOF

i'm very pessimistic about what could be a `plain tex interace' as a
typical plain tex file may contain things like {\textfont0\char124} or

In other words, plain has no font selection scheme, hence any use of
non standard encodings with plain _replacing_ normal ones breaks
virtually any file not prepared to deal with that encoding. 

So i don't see the point in spending time & energy on that matter (i
personnally spent some time & energy a while ago on a plain with T1
text fonts, which is used here every day by our secretaries: every
file coming from outside or sent outside yields to a problem).

This said, context has a font selection scheme (at least, there are no
default fonts, and the user has to \input the relevant font- files) so
 i think it's usefull to have a context interface. 

What could be done for tex users is providing the new symbols by
installing more families (like amssym.def/tex).

Th. B.