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Re: mathfont v0.59

> P.S.  Why is downloading a 10K index page, editing it locally, and
> transferring it back so much faster than editing it interactively in a
> Telnet window?  Somehow getting files to and from tug.org sometimes
> feels much faster than issuesing just a few simple commands. Sigh!

it's to do with the relation between human and network reaction times.

you've only got two things to say "oh, damn, this is taking a long
time", whereas if you're editing, you say that for every other

sebastian tells me he regularly runs interactive sessions to the
states, but mostly i find it's only sensible at weekends, when all the
students who make our link so feeble are in their rooms nursing


who's got a sleepy old session going on ctan.tug.org right now...