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comments on 0.59

Here are a few quick observations on mathfont/0_59/src0_59.tgz:

* etx/old/omx.etx: 
  your version seems to be the original version from the fontinst 
  distribution which differs from the version in my source tree.
  In particular, it misses the bug fix for \rmoustache and the
  renaming of glyph names from xxxbig/Big/bigg/Bigg to xxx1/3/5/7.
  It is possible, though, that this file was never actually used 
  anyway, except in an experimental version, in which I tried 
  a partial VF mplementation of MXP with cmex+stmary directly.
  (BTW, etx/fontspecifc/stmary.etx also seems to be missing.)
* etx/new/mx1*.etx:
  seems to have changed significantly compared to my version.
  I'll have to check this more carefully, I guess.

* mtx/defaults/mspmissing.mtx:
  needs to be updated to reflect changes in etx/new/mspraw.etx.
  The following lines
  should be removed from mspmissing.mtx and added to ms2missing.mtx

* mtx/defaults/ms2missing.mtx:
  For some reason I had changed the first row of the arrow kit
  from \missingglyph to \controlgglyph, but this change seems 
  to be missing in your version.  I can't recall the reasoning,
  though, so it probably doesn't really matter.

* mtx/{cm,concrete/euler}/mc*hax.mtx:
  There appear to be several changes compared to my version,
  which I haven't checked in detail yet.  Did you miss some
  of my patches or did you change anything yourself?

* tex/{cm,concrete/euler}.tex:
  Same question as above.  Diff'ing your version against the
  original 0.58 has fewer changes than diff'ing with my version,
  so I wonder if there's anything I didn't that got lost?

Other suggestions:

* derived/labsy[5-9].mf:
  What about renaming them to lasyb[5-9].mf?  Otherwise MakeTeXPK
  might produce a directory linotype/aboecklin as per fontname.

Some comments on de-virtualization:

* Although your first attempt at organizing the files is already
  quite good, I think it would be more useful to try to organize
  the files by type of symbols.  In particular, 

  - keep uc/lc Greeek letters in separate files
  - keep all the Hebrew glyphs from cmsy + msbm together
  - keep all the delimiters from cmr + cmsy + xma together
  - split cmr-stuff into delimiters, punctuation, other

    (and don't worry too much about crisp=0 in cmr and >0 in cmsy,
    this only leads to stylistic problems such as square corners
    in brackets but rounded in corners in floors/ceilings, which
    we might avoid if we use the same parameters for all of them)

  Most importantly, rewrite all the files to use the technique:

    iff known slot_whatever: cmchar "Whatever";
    beginchar (slot_whatever, ...) 
    ... endchar;

  This way, you could input files several times and skip over
  glyphs with undefined slot assignment without having to repeat
  code fragments and split out common parts in a separate files.

  For instance, you could input the same file for uc Greek letters 
  in upright and italic, but use separate files for lc Greek.

I might a have closer look this weekend, if I can afford some time.
Cheers, Ulrik.