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Re: Stix/Unicode/MathML/mathfont glyph tables

At 18:53 +0200 98/09/11, Ulrik Vieth wrote:
>As for the STIX tables, I'd recommend GNU wget, which is a handy
>utility for downloading or mirroring whole trees of WWW pages.
>Basically, what you need is:
>  wget --mirror -A.html -A.pdf -A.gif -o mirror.log
>       --http-user=STIX --http-passwd=Char0n http://www.ams.org/STIX/
>However, this may take a long time (several hours) due to the vast
>number of tiny files that have to be retrieved.

  You can try using "nohup" and then log out:
    nohup wget --mirror -A.html -A.pdf -A.gif -o mirror.log
               --http-user=STIX --http-passwd=Char0n http://www.ams.org/STIX/

The "nohup" makes the command following it to continue to run even if you
log out (no hang-up). So it will not make any difference to you how long
time it takes to run the command.

  Hans Aberg
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