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Re: Stix/Unicode/MathML/mathfont glyph tables

Barbara Beeton <bnb@ams.org> wrote:

>     I really need an editable table of all chars so as to generate an 
>     overall index (so that I can later insert font/glyph codes). This 
>     means I need to sort out all these existing tables, and that leads 
>     to some questions:
>     - Is ISO 9573-13 a full subset of STIX (guess so)?
> i'm not quite sure what you mean by "a full subset".  all of 9573-13
> has been included in the first cut -- the file stix-tbl.asc -- but
> after discussions with representatives of the unicode technical
> committee (utc), i have removed quite a few items from the list to
> be submitted.

It is now more or less clear to me that in order to  get a "full" 
list of glyphs, I need to merge the new STIX submission tables 
(that is created from the new stix-tbl.submit) with the stuff that 
is already available in Unicode (which follows from the reference 
tables), and possibly add things from Mathfont (this is the latex 
project Matthias and Ulrik are working on).

>     - What about the things in 8859's Annex that are not in 9573-13?
> do you mean 8879 (the sgml standard)?  if i remember correctly, the
> annex was removed from 8879 by an amendment.  all the public entities
> in the annex were moved to 9573, although not all to 9573-13.  anything
> relevant to math should be covered in the stix tables

>     - Do the Unicode Reference Blocks (from the STIX site) contain *all* 
>       math-related glyphs from current Unicode?
> that was my intention.

I'll take your word for it, I'm not going to check for myself. 
>     - How to read those blocks? What are the squares, and why are some   
>       of the squares empty?
> the squares are (i believe) shapes of items copied from the unicode
> site; the empty squares are (again, from memory) items for which the
> copying was not successful.

OK, I'm trying to get new gifs now for the empty ones (running wget 
on chars.unicode.org).  

>     - If I merge the Reference Blocks with the STIX private blocks, does 
>       that give me *all* glyphs?
> it would have in april.  there have been quite a few changes since
> then in the underlying tables, including some additions that are not
> yet posted on the web site.

So I need to re-create the tables from your file(s), and everything 
should be OK again, yes?

> general update:
> i have posted the current ascii tables that underly the html tables
> to a "bnb" subdirectory of the main STIX area.  they are
>     stix-tbl.asc -- the complete collection
>     stix-tbl.submit -- the collection to be submitted
> for previous versions, patrick has transformed these to the html
> tables with a perl (?) routine he created for that purpose.  i don't
> have that facility.  patrick is now in france on study leave -- i
> will make sure he gets a copy of all the relevant e-mail, and ask
> him to create new versions of the files, which either he or i can
> then post.

I can figure this out myself without too many difficulties, the main 
problem was in getting the gif files for the glyphs. This is now 
working thanks to Ulrik.
> the wg2 meeting begins on september 21.  the submission will be made
> to that meeting; i am now cleaning up loose ends, and trying to obtain
> it is very likely that, even if the majority of the request is accepted,
> there will be a residue of items that will be questioned.  i'm hoping
> it will be very small, but it will definitely mean that some things
> will be carried over to the next utc and wg2 meetings.  if there's
> anything new now, it will have to wait.

To me, this is a minor point. If I want to play safe (and I 
definately want that), I will have to create or find fonts for 
everything that is existing in the tables now, since obviously 
somebody needs the glyph. Whether or not the glyph actually makes 
it into Unicode is a minor issue.


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