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help needed -- adding math symbols to Unicode

The complement of math symbols included in Unicode is insufficient to
publish "real" mathematics on the Web, even if browser support were
available.  However, with XML gaining ground, the latter seems to be
just a matter of time.

At the American Math Society, we have been trying to tackle the first
problem -- will the symbols be ready when the browsers are -- and we
have now collected several hundred symbols not recognized by Unicode
that we will propose to be added.  However, we don't know how all of
these symbols are used, or what they mean, and we're asking for help.

The Web page


contains a selection of these symbols along with questions about them
and a list of the information we need in order to convince the Unicode
Technical Committee (UTC).  If you are familiar with the notation used
in scientific publishing -- perhaps you're an author who has written
journal articles or books in math or some related field -- please take
a look at this site and see if you can help.

The UTC meets the first week of December.  We must have all documentation
by November 20 in order to prepare our presentation.

The selection of symbols will change weekly until our deadline, so please 
plan to visit the site every week through November 20.
						-- barbara beeton