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Re: Math Arrows and Harpoons

On the qeustion of where the arrow head should be pointing: I think this is
just a matter of style, actually, for in the case of
    032 21B6 curvearrowleft
    033 21B7 curvearrowright
I feel sure it is not essential that the arrowhead points down. It should
just be a curved shaft, and then the arrowhead should put onto as it looks
best -- the ideal

  The arrows 180-182 could just as well be "unfilled arrowheads". -- The
thing is if one draws an unfilled arrowhead by hand, then it becomes a

  C204 has a strange name "rightimply", because I have never seen anybody
using it, => is "implies", and <= is "impliedby" to me.

  Hans Aberg
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