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Re: Binary Relations, draft 1

At 19:09 +0000 1998/11/17, Chris Rowley wrote:
>> and it is always used.
>By every US publisher?  Or every one except the AMS?
>So exclude the US if you wish, but it is not a common convention[1] in
>UK pure maths nor has it been in the last few decades:

If you look at reasonable quality math text, then names such as "sin",
"cos" are almost invariably typeset upright and expressions like f(x) are
typeset in italics. Even simple WYSIWYG math processors seems to know the

Are you saying this is not done in the UK? :-)

Then with names such as "Hom" and "e", this is not normally not done, but
one could well start doing it, if one so want.

  Hans Aberg
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