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Re: Binary Relations, draft 1

Hans Aberg wrote --

> If you look at reasonable quality math text, then names such as "sin",
> "cos" are almost invariably typeset upright and expressions like f(x) are
> typeset in italics. Even simple WYSIWYG math processors seems to know the
> difference.

Yes indeed but, according to the folklore i heard at my professor's
knee, this has nothing to do with contsants/variables (whatever
they are???).

> Are you saying this is not done in the UK? :-)

Not at all, but read on!

> Then with names such as "Hom"

It certainbly is when I edit/write anything.

> and "e", this is not normally not done, but
> one could well start doing it, if one so want.

Not with e, please!  Don't forget that English (at least in the UK:-)
contains one-letter words (e happens not to be one but it would be
read as one and would perplex a native English reader if you put an
upright one in.

I am not tyrying to stop anyone trying to change the typographic
conventions; I am simply trying to prevent curious theories about them
becoming accepted facts (about the UK:-).