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Re: MathML arrow fonts

At 12:20 -0800 1998/11/17, Paul Vojta wrote:
>Also, I often use a symbol which I build up as \overset\sim\to\to
>(as in ``The isomorphism $f\:X \overset\sim\to\to Y$ \dots'').
>I would like to see such a symbol included as well.  (And a left-pointing
>version of the same.)

In AMS-LaTeX this is $\overset\sim\to$, an arrow --> with a \sim used as label.

I prefer the variation where the \sim is replaced by a \cong, but the
semantics is the same (isomorphism).

  But I also think one should have such isomorphism arrows, both right and
left pointing, in at least one of the possible variations. There is also
the variation with the \cong or \sim replaced by an equality, used to
indicate that the arrow is the identity.

  Hans Aberg
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