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Re: MathML arrow fonts

>>>>> "HA" == Hans Aberg <haberg@matematik.su.se> writes:

 HA> At 12:20 -0800 1998/11/17, Paul Vojta wrote:
 >> Also, I often use a symbol which I build up as \overset\sim\to\to
 >> (as in ``The isomorphism $f\:X \overset\sim\to\to Y$ \dots'').  I
 >> would like to see such a symbol included as well.  (And a
 >> left-pointing version of the same.)

 HA> In AMS-LaTeX this is $\overset\sim\to$, an arrow --> with a \sim
 HA> used as label.

Have a look at chars 105/107. Are these the ones intended?

they are labeled "simrightarrow" and "simleftarrow".

 HA> I prefer the variation where the \sim is replaced by a \cong, but
 HA> the semantics is the same (isomorphism).

 HA>   But I also think one should have such isomorphism arrows, both
 HA> right and left pointing, in at least one of the possible
 HA> variations. There is also the variation with the \cong or \sim
 HA> replaced by an equality, used to indicate that the arrow is the
 HA> identity.

Hans, is this char 109? And if it is, I guess we need a left version
as well (meaning it has a fixed semantic)?