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Re: Binary Relations, draft 1

> IMHO the rule for upright setting is, that (beside some other entities)
> _numbers_ are typeset upright. Note that it is not _constants_, since any
> ad hoc constants (typically denoted by $c$ or $k$) are typeset in math 
> italics. e, i, j, k, pi (my preferred macros: \ee, \ie, \je, \ka, \pie)
> are numbers, not just constants.

> Unfortunately, as noted before, there is no standard markup for the upright
> math constants. Each publisher uses a different one. Here is my short list:

>    Springer-Verlag Vieweg     Spektrum akad. Verlag

> d  \D              \de        \de
> D
> e  \E              \ee        \ee
> i  \I              \ie        \ie
> j
> k

Elsevier, elsart.cls:


IOP:  iopart.cls


AIP, APS: revtex.sty


Private hacks, using overloading:

\DeclareTextSymbolDefault{\@@i}{OT1} % dotless i
\DeclareTextSymbolDefault{\@@j}{OT1} % dotless j

\DeclareTextAccentDefault{\@@d}{OT1} % dot under accent