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Re: Mathematical typesetting principles

Concernant « Mathematical typesetting principles », Hans Aberg écrit : «
» > I think this is in favor of true professional typographers,
» >that may normalize authors manuscripts.
» Since math should be typeset according to semantical rules, it is difficult
» for typesetters to change a typeset formula. 

I am aware of this. That's why I advocate for
 - the survival of true typographers,
 - the two-way communication between typographers & authors,
typographers can enhance a text's presentation because they know the
Rules (;-), authors are the only caution of the scientific validity of
the altered text. 

We're currently facing very hard times, where publishers save money by
replacing typographers' skill by `expert' software, and each author
develops his own convention, yielding an unfriendly, badly typeset,
babel of notations.

Thierry Bouche, Grenoble.