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Re: Mathematical typesetting principles

At 13:01 +0100 1998/11/20, Ulrik Vieth wrote:
>.. Why are we discussing all this?  I thought we've been through
>all of it sometime last year.  Probably the only conclusion we can
>find is that we a need a complete set of Latin/Greek uc/lc alphabets
>in as many styles we can get, including upright, italics,
>bold upright, bold italics, bold sans, bold sans inclined, ...

I brought it up, because I felt that Unicode should reserve slots for them,
and which I think that Taco Hoekwater may supply. The suggestion then needs
to be more specific than "in as many styles we can get": On the one hand,
there is no point in providing a style that will not be used or can easily
dispensed with. And on the other hand, the styles that one may use should
be provided, even though it may not be so common right now due to the fact
that the fonts not always are provided.

(I think this discussion was much carried out in the LaTeX group, before
this mailing list was revived.)

  Hans Aberg
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