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TUGboat 17:3, September 1996

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Front cover   c1 
Inside front cover   c2 
Title page   237 
Editorial information   238 
Addresses   239 
TUG Business
1997 TUG Election   240 
General Delivery
From the president 
  Michel Goossens 
Editorial comments 
  Barbara Beeton 
    TeX Live: A CD-ROM for Unix;     CTAN update;     The new ltugboat.cls;     Frequently asked questions about TeX;     Books about TeX, books prepared in TeX, and other bibliographies;     TeX output from a Web browser— Techexplorer
Software & Tools
The joy of TeX2PDF—Acrobatics with an alternative to DVI format 
  Petr Sojka, Hàn Thế Thành, Jiří Zlatuška 
The DVIPDF Program 
  Sergey Lesenko 
Editing .dvi files, or Visual TeX 
  Jonathan Fine 
TeX in Russia: Ab ovo, or, About the TeXnical evolution in Russia 
  I.A. Makhovaya 
LaTeX, dvips, EPS and the Web … 
  Sebastian Rahtz 
Graphics and TeX—A reappraisal of Metafont/MetaPost/PS 
  Kees van der Laan 
Book Reviews
Stanley Sawyer and Steven Krantz, A TeX Primer for Scientists 
  David Thompson 
David Salomon, The Advanced TeXbook 
  Włodzimierz Bzyl 
The new (LaTeX2e) TUGboat macros 
  Robin Fairbairns 
Using EPS graphics in LaTeX2e documents, Part 2: Floating figures, boxed figures, captions, and math in figures 
  Keith Reckdahl 
Fast and secure multiple-option tests 
  Jordi Saludes 
A puzzling TeX macro 
  Peter Schmitt 
A LaTeX tour, Part 2: The tools and graphics distributions 
  David Carlisle 
News & Announcements
Calendar   326-327 
Late-Breaking News
Production notes 
  Mimi Burbank 
Future issues   327 
TUG Business
TUG'97 Call for Papers   328 
Institutional members   329 
TUG membership application   330 
TeX consulting and production services   331 
Index of advertisers   331 

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