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Re: mathptm.sty/pslatex.sty

Sebastian writes:

> Piet van Oostrum writes:
>> In omxpsycm.fd the font zpsycmrv is used. This font uses cmex9
>> which doesn't have a Type1 equivalent in the AMS/BSR set (although
>> there is one in the Bakoma set).
>> To make it easier, especially with the use in pdftex would it be
>> possible to replace this with a scaled cmex10?

> two requests for the same thing in one day. its a conspiracy

> We'll do it happily IF you can promise there is NO chance of old
> documents changing their breaking.

Let's say: we'll do in happily in the new "mathpmtx" because we cannot
simiply replace cmex9 with a scaled cmex10 in the old "mathptm"
without changing the metrics.  If the target is pdfTeX, where Type 1
fonts are required, using "mathptmx" might have another advantage
becase it uses "rsfs" instead of ZapfChancery, which is not a built-in
font in free Acrobat readers and might not be available to all users.

Cheers, Ulrik.