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Re: mathptm + cmex9

Ulrik Vieth writes:
 > > does cmex10 scaled down produce identical results in terms of spacing?
 > I just tested it: Although the CHARHT and CHARDP is the same, CHARWD
 > differs by as much as 0.3pt.  I'm afraid we can't change it it mathptm
 > due to the requirement for metrics compatibilitiy, but it shouldn't be
 > a problem for mathptmx.
OK, fine. David can consider switching to mathptmx for pslatex, but we
really have a duty not to make mathptm change.


Thomas/David, mathptmx has a variety of changes, including use of the
RSFS fonts. Ulrik is trying to mathptm and mathptmx co-exist, with the
idea of pushing new documents to use the "x", improved, package.