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Re: TS1 & oldstyle

Well, I thought there was some plan silently going on: 
- I read fontname-2 quite carefully but it looks like padr98t is not a
legal name for it (9 no more means an OSF variant, but is an escape
for expertized encodings). I also installed fonts using 99e, but these
name are awful and only involved persons can figure what they mean.
- I looked on ctan the xadobe/ xmonotype directories and it seems that
expert fonts are installed there only as `x' (no `9'). 

So I guessed some alternative to `9' was going to appear, then I
looked at TS1 where oldstyle digits sit. Thus my previous posting...

Certainly using an oldstyle font is the simplest way to typeset
oldstyle, so maybe what should be improved is only the naming thing:
do we need something to identify `shape variants' such as small caps
and oldstyle digits as opposed to encoding variants (corresponding to
T1c/T19 on the fontinst side of the story)? 

For those nonstandard OsF fonts such as Granjon, I have used the
following scheme (or hack ?): installed kgjri7d as a T1 font (via 8r)
and called the resulting TeX font kgjri98t.
The fd says: 
\DeclareFontShape{T1}{kgj}{m}{itos}{   <-> kgjri98t}{}
and the latex package kgranjon.sty:
\def\oldstyle{\fontshape{\f@shape os}\selectfont}

Would it be better to split kgj in 2 families with pieces missing on
both sides ?